12 Free Must-Have Affiliate Marketing Tools every beginner should know

Affiliate marketing tools
Affiliate Marketing Tools

Before getting started let me make one thing very clear, Affiliate Marketing is not a get rich quick scheme, it is a proper business.

It takes time maybe a year, but once you get started, you earn good money and can even quit your job.

If you treat Affiliate Marketing as a proper business you will be very successful.

When starting Affiliate Marketing Business, as a beginner we are not aware of many tricks and tools that can fast the process which will help you start making you making money.

There are many Affiliate Marketing tools in the market that are really helpful for affiliate marketers.

In this article, I will list 12 tools that will help you in your affiliate marketing business.

So, without wasting time let’s dive into it,

12 Free Must have Affiliate Marketing tools 

  1. Bit.ly

This is a link shortener tool that is used to convert long links into short links.

The main purpose to use this tool is to improve you’re or increase your link click ratio,

Because when the affiliate links are too long they lower the link click ratio.

Benefits of Bit.ly

  • Analytics on your links
  • Personal dashboard to organize your links
  • Tracking of number of links shortened
  • Link Bookmark
  • Branded links
  • Links for mobile-specific use (app, deep links, SMS)
  1. CB Engine

This tool is made for the Click Bank affiliate marketing platform, which acts as a resource to find out the data, metrics, and reports about the products that are not posted or disclosed anywhere.

This tool allows you to find the high converting products on Click Bank, helping you to get started with making money with affiliate marketing.

They have both free and paid premium plans. There are many other tools by this company you can check for yourself if want.

  1. Quickpages.co

Posting direct affiliate links is not allowed on most of the big platforms, and if you do you can get banned for life on that platform.

So to avoid this we create a landing page, which acts as a bridge page between the platforms like Google, Facebook, and your affiliate offer.

When you are starting and are on a strict budget you cannot afford expensive Landing Page Tools.

This is where this tool comes for your help.

Quickpages.co is a lifetime free landing page generator, that helps you in creating high converting landing pages at free of cost.

  1. MailChimp

Email marketing is the highest converting and most efficient way to make money in affiliate marketing.

If you are just starting, my personal suggestion would be, to start building your email list.

In MailChimp you get a free plan for about 2000 contacts and 10000 emails per month, which is more than enough at beginning of building an email list.

If you are just starting MailChimp is the best option to go for, as the rest of the email autoresponder tools are highly expensive.

  1. Canva

Canva is a simple drag and drops graphic design tool that helps to create high-quality logos, thumbnails, banners, posters, presentations, and many more.

They have many pre-made templates for all the categories, which is really helpful for everyone.

Canva has a very beautiful user interface and is very easy to use.

The tool has both free and pro plans. But as a beginner, you can do everything on the free plan.

  1. Similarweb

This tool is used as a website analysis tool. Doing research on your competitor is very good because it will allow you to improve your marketing strategy and eventually grow your own business.

With a similar web, you can put any domain name and get detail like global rank, referral links, display ad networks, traffic sources whether organic, social, or paid, and many more.

The tool has both freemium and premium plans. The premium has limited features which are enough when getting started.

To get access to the full list of features you need a premium paid plan.

  1. Bemob

In the initial stage of your affiliate marketing, you should never do an ad for marketing or even for traffic.

Once you start getting some consistent organic traffic and got has got little traction, then you should start thinking of doing ads.

So now about Bemob, this tool is used for tracking your ad statistics.

The tool helps you with managing ad campaigns across all possible traffic sources, with aim of increasing your conversion.

The ad tracking tool has cool features like real-time data reporting, live monitoring of ad campaigns, and quick landing page testing to rate ad performances.

  1. coschedule.com

Having an attention-grabbing headline is very important to get more organic traffic.

But when you are just starting, you don’t know how to know whether your headline is good or  Is it SEO friendly

This is where this tool comes for your help.

Headlines.coschedule.com is a headline analyzer tool, that allows you to put your own headline and gives the rating based on whether it is SEO friendly or not.

  1. Hemingwayapp.com

Blogging for making money is all about writing, and when you are just starting it is difficult for you to understand whether what you are writing is bold, clear, and easy to understand for the reader.

This tool serves this use case. The tool helps to identify common errors that affect the readability of your writing, this includes errors such as passive voice, overuse of adverbs, and confusing or overly complex sentences.

  1. Idplr.com

When you start blogging you don’t have any of your own products like EBook, WordPress plugins, software, or video courses to give away as a lead magnet to build your email list.

Don’t worry this is where this site comes for your help. This site has a lot of good-quality private label products that you can give away as a lead magnet to build your email list.

It has both paid and free versions. In the free version, you get a lot of good products too. You can use them as inspiration to create your own version of the product too.

If you use this tool wisely, you will be able to build a proper email list.

  1. Unsplash.com

You cannot use any random image on your site as this might lead you to face copyright issues.

On unsplash.com you get a huge list of high-quality free stock images in almost all niches.

 You can use these images on your blog without any worry.

12. Facebook Ad Library

Creating Facebook ads that get your desired results is difficult, especially when you are new to it.

The best way to understand and make changes to your ads is by spying on your competitor’s successful ad campaigns.

To do this you just have to go to Facebook ad Library where you can see all the ads that have been posted on Facebook.

Use this tool to spy and make your ads better, don’t just directly copy.

Copying anything directly is only going to hamper your own business.

Final thoughts

When I first started blogging & affiliate marketing as a business it took me a long time to know that such helpful affiliate marketing tools are available in the market that will ease my game.

I hope this list of tools will help you in your Affiliate Marketing Business, and you start making money.

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