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Since the pandemic started in 2020 many people lost their jobs and realized how important it is to make multiple sources of income..

Many started doing research on Google on how to make money online as a source of passive income.

While doing such research many people came across the word Affiliate Marketing and started wondering What is this Affiliate Marketing? and How can I start this as a side hustle?

If you are this person you have come to the right place. But let me tell you

“Affiliate Marketing” is no getting rich quick scheme.

I know many people have misled people to believe that but I am sorry it is not true. It is difficult and takes time to learn how to get results.

So without wasting time let’s dive into  AFFILIATE MARKETING BUSINESS PLAN in 2022.

What exactly is Affiliate Marketing Business in 2022?

Affiliate Marketing in simple terms is You market someone else’s product via various channels through which you earn the commission from the vendor,

and the best part is you as an Affiliate don’t have to look into making the product, after service, and all the hassle.

One thing as per my experience that I have found out is many people have been misled that you need absolutely zero investment, well I am sorry to inform you that this wrong.

You do need investment and you figure out this as you proceed with your journey.

The investment is low to get started compared to any other business, but I must tell you investment is very much required.

As you proceed with your journey you realize you need to buy various tools and subscriptions. People will not tell you this as they want you to buy their courses products etc.

Sounds intimidating? Well no it’s not that difficult once you understand step by step process and create a roadmap for yourself.

By the end of this article, you will have a clear understanding and will also have an Affiliate Marketing Business Plan in 2022.

Step 1 – Choosing Niche

  • Interest – When you are starting this business choosing niche can become a little tedious. Just understand one thing when you are choosing your niche, you are going to spend a lot of time reading & writing about it for research purposes.

Your niche should be very specific like micro-niche, targeting very specific people, for example, Don’t = Best Food for dogs, Do = Best food for Labradors. This will help you in creating a specific brand authority which is helpful in the long run.

  • Monetization – When you are doing research you will be stuck after finding multiple interests, a common beginner thing. So now you should be looking at the money and interest aspect of finalized options. Always remember there should be a balance between your interest and monetization. Once you find this balance then you are good to go with that niche.
  • Competition – Never choose a niche where there is very little competition because this is a sign of whether the niche is not profitable or no one is actually interested in it. Be very careful about this research.
  • Traffic – This is the most important part of finalizing the niche. Finding out the potential traffic in your niche is very important because this is how you are actually going to make money. Once you find out the potential traffic reach you will have a realistic understanding of how to do content and market it.

Step 2 Choosing a Platform for your Content

There are preferably two best ways you can put your content for Affiliate Marketing Business which will be good in the long run.

  1. YouTube
  2. Personal Website


This is a very powerful platform to start your Affiliate Marketing Business as we all know how much time people like to spend on YouTube. YouTube is also one of the biggest search engines in the world. Whenever people have any questions or want detailed information they only go to two places Google and YouTube.

Even if you are camera shy there are many tools that allow you to create videos without showing your face.

YouTube Affiliate Marketing is Done in these 8 steps:-

  1. Create Account
  2. Do Research on How to rank your videos
  3. Do Research on How to edit videos
  4. Do Research on YouTube Keywords
  5. Get Affiliate Link Approval for products.
  6. Start creating your content around the product.
  7. Create Your Bonuses around the product for the additional push for buyer
  8. Publish the video

Once you learn how to execute these 8 steps you are good to go for this platform for your business.

Website – This is yet another powerful platform that is also my preferred one and is good in the long run. When you create your website you create your authority for yourself in front of the vendor and the buyer. This authority helps you create sales slowly.

Don’t believe in people who say you don’t need a website for this business, because this is also one way for them to trick you into buying their courses or products.


  1. Hosting – You need to find the best Hosting platform for your WordPress website. I personally use Hostinger, very good for beginners and is budget-friendly.
  2. Domain – Once you buy a Hosting platform, you need to buy a domain name for your business which you can buy in hosting itself or there are other platforms too like GoDaddy. Before buying your domain name do some research on the importance of domain name in this business
  3. WordPress – Once the domain name is bought you will be led to WordPress where you will have to create your account before you start creating your website.
  4. Plugins – In simple terms plugin in WordPress is like a play store on android and an app store on apple. In the plugin section, you can download various plugins which help you in creating your website. For example elementor, Yoast SEO, etc. just do research on plugins for WordPress sites.
  5. Theme – Before you start creating your website you will have to select a theme that you should select according to the nature of your business. This is an inbuilt feature in WordPress which is very helpful for beginners.
  6. Learn Basic SEOSEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”.SEO in simple terms is, that you optimize your page according to Google to get ranked. Download an SEO plugin and learn about it. You should have a basic understanding of SEO as it will help you rank your content in Google which will give more traffic and which in return will give you more sales.
  7. Content for site – Start writing content for your site which is helpful and provides value to the reader. This helps you in creating your authority and relation with the reader. Write at least 20 to 30 articles that are helpful and full of value before you start pitching products.
  8. Find Products – Now is the time to find products and get your affiliate links. There are many platforms where you can start finding products. As a beginner, you should start with Amazon Associates, Clickbank, or digistore24, etc. There are some other platforms like jvzoo warrior plus but here they have software products that are a little difficult to market. So starting with an amazon associate is best because there is good traffic for the product already.
  9. Content around the product – Once the affiliate platform is finalized and you have got the affiliate link, you should start creating content around the product, good quality & valuable content which is helpful for the buyer. This increases the trust and helps you in creating sales.
  10. Create Bonuses – I will explain this further in the article. But just understand this, you need to create your own bonuses around the product which helps you in getting more sales.
  11. Marketing – Once all this is done now is time you market this content in trying to get traffic to the site page. For organic traffic, you should be doing optimum basic SEO to get ranked.

For faster ways to get traffic, you will need to learn paid ads like google ads, and Facebook ads which I don’t suggest as a beginner as you will lose your money because you are still in the learning phase of the business.

So my suggestion would be to focus on valuable content with good SEO

These are 11 steps to get started with Affiliate Marketing Business with the website. Just learn and research these topics, make notes and implement.

Step 3 – Create your own Authority.

You should be creating your own authority while you are doing affiliate marketing even as a beginner. This will help you in the future when you create your own products and pitch them to your audience. There are mainly three ways you can create your own audience authority

  1. Youtube – Create Videos that are valuable, earn trust, and in the future pitch your products to them
  2. Social Media – Don’t use social media as a consumer use it for generating wealth tools. Once you understand this you will know the true power of social media. Create your authority on any of these platforms Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, etc use them to create your own audience and authority.
  3. Email List – If you want to get big in the affiliate marketing game you must learn about Email Marketing. Even as a beginner you should start learning about How to Build an Email List.

Email List is the contacts that remain with you forever, you can create new products and keep pitching them.

Step 4 – A Secrete Step that helps you get more sales

Well, this is not actually secret as  I have already revealed multiple times in this article, it is creating Bonuses. As a beginner, no one tells you why some other affiliates are making more sales than you. This is because they are creating bonuses that are around the product that they are marketing

When it comes to creating bonuses always remember, your bonuses should increase the overall experience of the product that you are pitching. This is how the buyer is tempted to buy from your link.

Types of Bonuses you can create.

  1. Ebooks
  2. Video Course
  3. Softwares
  4. Plugins
  5. Case Study

Don’t get confused and all worked up. There are many sites from where you can get all this at a very cheap price and some even for free. Just do little research and you will find what you are searching for. For getting started use idplr website, from where you can get PLR ( private label products) which you can use as your bonuses.

My Recommendation Tools

My personal recommendation Tools which I personally use, for getting started Your Affiliate Marketing Business in 2022. These are purely my recommendations and have no affiliate links or any pitch for the product.

  1. Hostinger InVideos
  2. Canva –
  3. MailChimp or Active Campaign
  4. Yoast SEO
  5. Astra Theme or kadence Theme
  6. Elementor
  7. Designrr for Ebooks

Final Thoughts

I hope you have found this guide on AFFILIATE MARKETING BUSINESS PLAN 2022 helpful.

One thing that I learned which I would like to share with you and hope you do it too, this online business can be expressed in just three steps

  1. Learn
  2. Implement
  3. Optimize

Get addicted to learning, and show urgency in your implementation once implemented just optimize the error part. Keep repeating this process.

Best Luck For Your Affiliate Marketing Business, Hope you get very successful.

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