10 Best Exclusive Affiliate Platforms And Networks in 2022

Affiliate Platform and networks

10 Best Exclusive Affiliate Platforms And Networks in 2022

Top 10 Affiliate Platforms


Once you have chosen your niche and started your blog around it, wanting it to get monetized is very normal.

Affiliate Marketing is the best possible to get your blog monetized.

In this article, I will list the 10 best affiliate platforms in 2022, where you will find digital products, physical products, big and small brands.

You just have to find products in your niche, signup for the program, and get started with your Affiliate Marketing.

Without wasting time let’s dive in, and learn more about these platforms.

10 Best Affiliate Platforms And Networks Compared (2022)

1.  Amazon Associates

Amazon Associate Platform

If you are new to Affiliate Marketing, Amazon Associates Affiliate Program is best to get started as this is the easiest to understand and signup for.

Amazon Associates is best for physical products, so if your niche is around physical products you can go for the Amazon Associate program.

One thing you need to know about the program is, once you sign up you have to make a sale within 6 months of the signup date, or else the account will be shut down by Amazon.

One of the best thing about this program is the referral commission system.

For example,

You are promoting a product worth $10, and the person who ended up on Amazon with your $10 link and makes a purchase of $1000,

you will be getting commission for this $1000 too, but only if it is in the cookie duration.

After the slashing of commission rate and moving the model from revenue to flat-rate commission model,

many big affiliate marketers were not happy with Amazon Associate program as it canceled the advantage they had.

But let me tell you this is still the best option for anyone who is just starting Affiliate Marketing.

If you want to sell in different countries you will have to register for each country separately.

In this photo, you will find the commission rates that the program offers.

amazon commision rates


  1. Huge product list
  2. Best reach all around the world
  3. Referral universal Cookie.
  4. Best support system
  5. Payout threshold starting from $10


  1. Cookie duration of only 24hours
  2. Low Commission Rates

2. Avangate Affiliate Network

Avangate Affiliate Network

Avangate is an Affiliate Platform Network that is solely focused on Digital products, SAAS products.

Avangate was founded in 2006, the company currently has 4 global offices, 400+ employees, 19,000+ clients.

If your niche is all about software in any category like gaming, B2B, Finance, Education you can opt for this Affiliate Program.

When it comes to cookie duration the network allows its merchants to decide want they want their duration to be.


  1. Huge list of software products
  2. Multiple payment integration such as PayPal, Payoneer, and Direct Deposit makes the payment game easy.
  3. High commission rates
  4. Easy to use


  1. The minimum payment threshold is $100
  2. No live chat support

3. ShareASale


Founded in 2000 by Brian Littleton, ShareASale is one of the most popular affiliate platform in the market.

ShareASale is one of the best and most trusted affiliate platforms in the market right now.

What makes ShareAsale different from most of the other platforms is, it has both digital and physical products.

The commission rates and cookie duration is decided by the merchants.

One thing that I have noticed with ShareAsale is,

if your website has low-quality content it may take time for them to review your application to signup for their network or they might even reject your application.

So before you signup analyze and evaluate your own blog website.

The minimum payout offered on the network is $50, which is good in my opinion.


  1. Easy to use
  2. Huge list of physical and digital products.
  3. ShareASale Exclusive Merchants
  4. Great customer support system
  5. Trustworthy and Reliable network.


  1. Account may get disabled easily if you have not read understood and implemented their policies.

4.CJ Affiliate ( Commission Junction )

CJ Affiliate ( Commission Junction )

 The affiliate platform used to be known as Commission Junction which was later changed to this current name CJ Affiliate.

With more than 2500 merchants on the platform, this is one of the oldest and largest affiliate marketing platforms.

Just like ShareAsale you get both physical and digital products on this network.

The user interface is easy, you just need to signup and then look for the product of your niche and apply for the affiliate link.

Commission rates and the cookie duration are fixed by the vendors.


  1. Huge list of physical and digital products
  2. Trusted and Reliable platform
  3. Great backend support
  4. Good Commission Rates


  1. User Interface becomes a little overwhelming at the start but later seems easy.

5. Click Bank

Click Bank

Click Bank in my opinion is the most popular affiliate platform In the market right now.

The merchants on this platform are not as reputed and known as on the ones like ShareASale & Avangate but can offer good products.

With Click Bank, you need to be careful while selecting products in your niche for marketing because there are many low-quality products on the platform.

If you end up marketing such low-quality scammy products, you can damage your reputation, which will affect your future sales.

On this platform your get more digital products than physical products.

The main reason for the popularity of this platform is its high commission rates and 60-day cookie duration.


  1. Affiliate Friendly interface eg shows many useful metrics – gravity (avg sales generated)
  2. Commission Rates are Good
  3. Huge list of products
  4. Huge list of Niche
  5. Easy to use, beginner-friendly


  1. Low-quality products which might affect your reputation
  2. The high number of days for Refund, affects your commission

6. eBay Partner Network

eBay Partner Network

This is one of the most popular website on the internet we all know.

The affiliate platform offered by eBay operates somewhat similarly to Amazon Affiliate Program.

Marketing products which are permanently listed on eBay is good as it offers good commission rates.

You get more physical products compared to digital products. If your niche is around physical products, this is a good platform.


  1. Huge list of physical products
  2. Trusted and Reputed platform
  3. Marketing used products
  4. Good Commission Rates


  1. 24-hour Cookie duration

7.  Rakuten Marketing

Rakuten Marketing

A less popular affiliate platform, which has fewer but notable merchants like Walmart, papa johns on it.

As the affiliate network is relatively small, you don’t get a huge list of niches and products compared to some other platforms on the list.

If you working on a niche that has products from the vendors on Rakuten Marketing specifically like Walmart you can opt for this platform.

The commission rates and cookie duration is decided by the merchant.


  1. Access to Big brands
  2. High-quality products
  3. Trusted and reliable platform
  4. Affiliate Friendly features


  1. Fewer options for niche and products
  2. The interface is little outdated

8. Awin


Awin formerly known as Affiliate Window Network was founded in 2000 in Germany is a global affiliate platform network.

The platform has a policy that allows only serious affiliates. This is why when you signup you are asked to fill in your credit card information and also to add a meta tag to your website.

When you signup, the platform charges $5 which is later refunded to you if you are approved, but if you are disapproved you lose $5.

The platform has a huge list of both physical and digital products.

The platform has big brands like AliExpress, GymShark, Etsy, and many more.

If you get approved and get associated with such brands, your reputation as an affiliate will improve, which will help in the long term

The commission rate and cookie duration are decided by the merchant.


  1. Easy to use
  2. Trusted and Reputed Platform
  3. Huge list of products and niches.
  4. Low payout
  5. Affiliate friendly features


  1. Poor customer service
  2. The approval Process take too long
  3. Loss of $5 if not approved

9. FlexOffers


FlexOffers is an affiliate marketing platform founded in 2008 in Miami USA.

With more than 14000+ merchants on the platform, this is one of the largest affiliate networks in the market right now.

The platform has a huge list of both physical and digital products.

The reason for the growing popularity of flexOffers is they offer 50% of the revenue through the new partners they bring to the platform.

The platform has both small and big brand merchants.


  1. Dedicated Affiliate Manager
  2. Sleek interface
  3. Huge list of products and niche
  4. Great Customer service
  5. Traffic reports
  6. Affiliate Friendly features
  7. Easy to Use


  1. Fewer payout options

10. Jvzoo


This is one of the popular Affiliate Marketing Platform in the market which is mainly focused on digital software products.

The niche and the products on the platform are mostly in the Make Money Online niche, there are some other niche products too but are less in comparison.

From my personal experience just like Click Bank products, you have to be careful with what software products you are marketing.

Better you first use and then market products on these platforms. Once you end up marketing low-quality products with high promises you might damage your own reputation.

The commission is usually good on this platform but differs from vendor to vendor.

The commission rate and cookie duration are decided by the vendor.


  1. Easy to use
  2. Affiliate friendly features
  3. Good commission rates
  4. Good customer support


  1. Low-quality products
  2. Some inexperienced vendors

Final Thoughts

These are the 10 best Affiliate Platforms in the market in 2022. There is no strict rule about how many networks you can join.

Take a look at each network and look at which is more suitable for your niche.

My personal suggestion would be, don’t go for more than three-four networks at a single time. That might overwhelm and confuse you.

If you are not sure about your niche, take look at this article.

How to Choose your niche?

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