How to use Copywriting to grow your blog in 2022

How to use copywriting

Welcome to my blog, in this article I am going to list down How to use copywriting to grow your Blog?

Before we get to copywriting, first let me clear one thing where a lot of people get confused

Copywriting and Content writing are two different things.

Content writing is a long-form of content where you explain a particular topic in-depth for greater understanding,

Whereas in copywriting you use a maximum of one short sentence to attract people

How to use copywriting

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is a form of marketing where you use short or long copy, like for headlines that trigger emotions leading a person to take action such as buying, clicking on your link, signing up for a list, or anything that you want. The main purpose of copywriting is to lead a person to take action within a very short span of time like 5 to 10 seconds.

Why Copywriting is important?

Increases awareness

Let’s say you are a new brand and want to create awareness about your product through advertising on various different platforms like social media or billboards.

Being new in the market do you think it is going to be easy for you to grab the attention of people?

Well if you use copywriting in the right way, you won’t face such problems.                          

With good copywriting you can grab the attention of people and create awareness of your brand or product, it doesn’t matter whether you are new or established.

When writing copy to create awareness, you just have to make them aware of the problem that they are facing and how your product is going to solve their problem.

You just have to be bold and specific when doing this.

Increases Conversion

For any sale to happen you need to bring people inside that ecosystem, be it shop, landing page, or website.

Even if your product is good and you fail to bring in the people to see that product, your revenue and profits are going to go down.

By using good copywriting you can trigger curiosity, FOMO, interest, and desire about your product, which will force them to take action to check the product and see if the bold statement made is true or not.

The job of a good copy is to bring the person inside the ecosystem, after that it all depends on how good your product is so that the person actually makes the purchase.

What are Power Words & Why You Should Know Them?

Power words are those words that you use in your copy to trigger emotion and persuade them to take your desired action. These are called Power words because of their ability to persuade people to take action in just one word.

These are my top Power words that I use and have got good results

Persuasive Power Words

  1. Free
  2. You
  3. New
  4. Exclusive
  5. Limited
  6. Easy
  7. Because
  8. Get
  9. Now
  10. Limited

Power Words for Trust

  1. According to
  2. Ensured
  3. Recognized
  4. Secure
  5. Proven
  6. Unconditional
  7. Fully refundable
  8. Certified
  9. Authoritative
  10. Approved

Power Words for Call to Action

  1. Hurry
  2. Offer ends
  3. Don’t miss out
  4. Exclusive
  5. Now
  6. Grab it today
  7. Save big / discount
  8. Free
  9. Discover now
  10. Discover the secret

My top 5 Methods to use copywriting for Blog Titles

1. Secret

Using secret in the title triggers the basic human emotion, “to know what is the secret ingredient for success”.

Just applying this simple formula changes the game altogether

For example,

“Get this EBook to lose weight at home”

This title won’t get many clicks.

“My top 10 Secrets that helped me lose weight at home”

This type of headline will get a high click-through rate as it is triggering the emotion to know the secrets to losing weight at home.

2. How to

If you are creating informative content, this is the best way to go for the headline title.

People who have any query, usually search with “How to”


  • How to lose weight at home
  • How to do copywriting for the blog title

3. Using Number and Ways

Use this in your title when you have written content providing multiple solutions to a single problem.

Using this in the title triggers the emotion in people, “ I will get to know multiple solutions to my problem”


  • 10 ways that helped me lose weight at home
  • 5 ways to up branding game up

4. Using Numbers and Signs followed by a solution statement

Using this will highlight the problems that people are having and the solution statement will force them to click on your link.


  • 5 signs your home workouts are not working, But Don’t worry Just make these changes
  • 7 signs your skincare routine is not working, Don’t worry Just make these changes

5. Here is a quick way

When you create content addressing a very specific problem use this in your titles.

This assures people that they are going to get a quick solution to their problem.

Use this wisely, if your content is not precise and to the point, people will lose their interest which affects the engagement rate.


  • Here is a quick way to set up your wifi
  • Here is a quick way to optimize your phone to get more battery

My top 5 Blog Post Copywriting Formulas

Copywriting formulas can also be applied when writing a blog post. I highly recommend you implement these as a strategy when writing your blogs.

1. Problem – Agitate – Solution

Problem – Tell them the problem that are facing

Agitate – Use power words to trigger their emotion for that problem

Solution – Now tell them the solution

This creates a roller coaster ride of emotions to the reader from getting worried to anxious to relief.


Tiered of failing to lose your stubborn belly fat? This guide will help you

Problem – Want to lose belly fat

Agitate – Failing and Stubborn will trigger the emotion

Solution – “This guide” will give them a sense of relief and will engage with the content

2. Before – After – Bridge

Before – Showing them what their life is with problems right now.

After – Show them how their life would change with the solution you present

Solution – Present them with the solution, so that they take action.


Tired of waiting in line for a long time for your groceries? No More, download the XYZ app to get your groceries delivered in 10minutes.

Before – The person is frustrated with waiting in the line

After – feeling relief for not standing in line for a long time

Solution – Download our XYZ app that solves your problem.

3.AIDPPC – Attention > Interest > Description > Persuasion > Proof > Close

This copywriting formula was created by Robert Collier a famous American author. You can use this formula to increase the conversion when trying to sale anything through your blog content.

Attention – Be creative and get the attention of your reader

Interest – Create curiosity to generate the interest

Description – Describe properly how you understand the problem, how you are going to provide them with the solution

Persuasion – This is where you persuade your reader to take action

Proof – To create an impact for your persuasion provide proof.

Close – Here you close with a call to action with concluding with a reason why you should opt for anything you are selling

4. AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

A very old, famous, and proven formula used by copywriters.

Attention – Be creative and get the attention of your reader

Interest – Create curiosity to generate the interest

Desire – Provide something which will trigger their desire to try

Action – Persuade them to take action by giving proof.

5.PAS – Problem > Agitate > Solution

Just like AIDA, this is also an old, famous, and proven formula used by copywriters. It is very simple to implement this formula and can be applied to any type of post be it articles, social media, email

Problem – Show them what problem they have with conviction

Agitate – Use power words to trigger their emotions and anxiety

Solution – Provide them with the solution to take your desired action.

Final Thoughts

I hope you liked this blog about How to use copywriting to grow your blog.

When getting started with using these formulas you might feel a little overwhelmed, but with practice, you understand how easy they are to implement.

Apart from blog headlines and content, you can use copywriting strategies in the domain of your business like

  • Landing pages
  • Sales pages
  • Lead magnets
  • Blog posts
  • Calls to action
  • Headings
  • Email subject lines

Finally, to conclude, use these formulas in your copywriting to grow your blog, these formulas have been used by great copywriters for years. There are many more such formulas, but I have listed which I personally have used and got good results over the period of time.

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